TrojanHunter 6.2

TrojanHunter is an advanced malware scanner that detects all sorts of malware
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TrojanHunter is an easy-to-use application that will help you remove trojans and other malware from your computer. The installation is fast and simple. Once the setup process is finished, you will be able to update the database that contains the virus signatures.

TrojanHunter includes two main components: TrojanHunter Guard and TrojanHunter Scan. TrojanHunter Guard provides real-time protection for your computer. On the other hand, the second one, TrojanHunter Scan, offers a user-friendly interface that is divided into two panes: one is for commands like scan, quarantine and the other one offers a hard-disk drive explorer.

The application has some great features, such as scheduling, where users can set the application to automatically scan at a given time, or such as the automatic live updates. TrojanHunter has an enormous database that enables this tool to detect almost half a million Trojan viruses.

Briefly, TrojanHunter is one of the most simplistic yet efficient Trojan removing applications.

Paul Cooper
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  • Huge trojan database


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